About S+K Fertigung

Seibt + Kapp was founded in 1928 in Stuttgart by Edwin Seibt and Erich Kapp Snr. Up until the present day the following generations of both families have been closely associated with the Company. Washing machines fitted with at that time revolutionary mechanical synchro drives were the speciality of the fledgling company. Thus for the first time it was possible to provide laundries, which were hitherto mainly reliant on manual labour, with washing machines with a laterally driven cylindrical drum and reversing drum rotation. The significance of these inventions is testified by the fact that even today all washer extractors are equipped with these fundamental features. By the end of the 50’s, washing machines were being combined with centrifugal hydro-extractors, which was an equally trend setting stage in their course of development. Thanks to our continual further development programmes, out textile care machines provide their users with the most modern technology available: fully electronic operator led controls for the most economical consumption of service supplies in accordance with the selected wash programmes and load weights as well as automatic loading and unloading techniques.